Friday, July 30, 2010


these rings i bought from GLEBE market, Sydney. 3 for $10. Aren't they awesome?

so here i am hanging out at BAKERZIN, and just right in front of me, there is ZARA with a huge sign "FINAL SALE". What a tease?! i'm so going in there within few seconds :D

by the way, i need something to calm me down *you know, PMS mood* and decided to order chamomile tea. IT WORKS!!

I have one quick question, why do we girls have to experience PMS?? Isn't the "M" itself already killin' us? Plus, i have this giant enormous super annoying pimple right on top of my nose. How irritating?


Tiffany said...

thank for dropping by!
I will follow you back if you follow me :)
cute rings !

nonasenorita said...

yes i have followed you dear :)