Monday, June 14, 2010

bored on Sunday

what a lovely highway on Sunday. you will never see a quite road like this ever in Jakarta during weekdays and nights.

okay my day started with a major headache and i forced myself to drive all the way to church and meet my beloved husband-to-be, ended up sleeping in the car
..i got so bored, so there i was in a shopping centre ;p

My outfit today: Zara boyfriend blazer, Mitchybelle (local brand) rainbow top, grey cotton legging, DIVA bangles and ring, and silver pair of flats.

..spent quite a time in the fitting room (just like the other girls did) :D

i brought 2 maxi dresses with me to the fitting room. white and flowerish, both are incredibly stunning. i got myself overwhelmed with both, but i only got to buy one.

got what i mean? how can i choose between those 2 beautiful dresses?
oh well.. i thought white has and will always be classic and easy to match, white one it is!!

Please tell me i made a right decision??

dang.. the flowerish one stays in my mind forever.

....................... next stop..........................

i had no idea that they've got this store named 'the little things she needs', it's like Rubi and Diva mixed into one store. So they sell cheap-but-gorgeous shoes and sandals, and some other accessories. AWESOME!! I've been crazy over rings and bangles these days.

i walked out from the store with 4 rings, 1 bangle, 1 owl necklace, and 2 canvas shoes in my hand.
that was a lot of money there.. :D phew!! but its okay i think look worth more than just money.

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