Sunday, June 13, 2010

long before summer 09

phew!! i have tried so many years to write a blog and here i am still 'fighting' with blogger. well at least i am writing ;p i looked through my picture album and found myself missing Melbourne badly. The parks, the people, the trees, the road..

How i love Fall. i remember this was taken in Caulfield Park while we're about to shot our church's short movie. Sadly to say, my dog, Jco, destroyed my Rubi flat shoes (the one i was wearing in the pic).

this is me with Ash in St. Kilda Park. It was a great weather, i swear!! Hope i can fly back to Melbourne within this month. *finger crossed*

me in Chadstone's toilet.. and how i regret selling that beautiful Sportsgirl's grey boyfriend blazer.
don't u think i looked a lil bit doppy here? ;p

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