Friday, June 18, 2010

my iPhone is giving me attitude!!

i don't know why but i just love this " hello sunshine" picture. It motivates me every time i see it. :D
well.. i am currently waiting for my iPhone to be unlocked. I upgraded to firmwire 3.1.3 couple days ago, guess what?? turned out it cant be unlocked anytime soon. Thank God He gave me a proper brain that able to think quick, or else i would've sell my iPhone to this friend of mine. I checked Vodafone website, and i am ELIGIBLE to unlock my phone and only cost me $25. Phew!!

anywaysss.. i bought my bf this Zara look-a-like tuxedo. Navy blue with white list. Haven't seen him wearing it tho..


that's him waiting patiently while i was exploring this 2 level Forever 21 shop. *smooch*

i drew it!!! It was supposed to be "us".. but no, he doesn't have that curly afro hair.

and to be honest, i miss my friend's black Jazz car taht i've been using for the last 5 weeks. Well i had to return it since my mum just bought me Merc A150. i still like driving Jazz better. hahaha

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